Two Flags

The Sun was darkened, the moon turned to blood, and in a flash the Western sky was rent and the earth trembled beneath a voice like that of an archangel.

The king of Kings had returned.

The Lord of Lords.

The long awaited day of the second coming of the Son of God had finally arrived.

He had at last departed from the right hand of his Father to come and set the world to rights. To enact justice and peace on a world stricken by chaos. To gather unto him those who belonged to his fold. To separate the sheep from the goats with a winnowing fork and cast all those who had opposed his kingdom into the outer darkness.

The faithful rejoiced for their God and King, Caesar Augustus, had finally returned.

They met him out side of the great cities gates and led him in a royal procession to the Holy Temple.

Upon entering the temple the long awaited son of God became enthralled at what his eyes perceived on the altar of the Divine Julius.

Someone had desecrated his holy sanctuary by  placing an abomination of desolation, an emblem of treason upon the altar.

There on the alter stood a flag.

But not jut one Flag as expected.

But… Two.

Not just the flag adorned with the emblems of the Empire and visage of the Lord of Lords but another adjacent to it. A white flag standing as equal to the flag of Pax Romana. The sight was abhorrent in the eyes of the lord.

This flag was an emblem of cowards, decenters, those who had laid down their swords rather than heed the call of war and expansion of this great and holy Church of the one true God.

“I will crush all of those who have opposed my kingdom. Especially those who have made a mockery of my holy temple on this day of my arrival.”

The Lord sent for the high priest to give him  orders to send out the centurions to hunt down whomever could be the one who placed such an abominable image upon the altar of the most holy God.

The high Priest, was overtaken with fear and trembling as the Lord spoke to him.

“But Lord…. It was not your enemies who have placed this image upon the altar. It was your followers. This is the flag of all the earth, the upside down kingdom of all humanity, there are no longer boarders or rulers. The kingdom for which we live, were raised in,  and have pledge ailegence too. We are citizens of this kingdom that has no borders as well as your disciples. Your rage is amiss Lord. For we are faithful to you and your Gospel but we are yet still citizens of this upside down kingdom. ”

The blood of the Lord Augustus boiled with in him.

“Did you not heed the hour of my coming? Did I not tell you to go and spread the gospel of my Kingdom only to find you here subservient to a coward who was crucified? Away with you unfaithful and treacherous servants! Away with you to the outer darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth! For you were once alive but now you are dead! You have become lukewarm in my mouth and I shall spew you out! You have forgotten your first love! Wicked and unfaithful generation this day has come upon you like a thief in the night.”



Let he who has ears to hear, hear.