Advent For The Rest Of US

So! As you may know the historical (liturgucal) Church year has become highly important to me over the last couple of years! That being said, one of my biggest goals of mine is to help those that are more unfamiliar with the liturgical year and how it can be super become more acquainted with it. Or more simply put, I have a huge desire to help people wade into the sacred rhythms of the church. The liturgical year is so beneficial for spiritual growth, devotion, and formation.

This past Lenten Season I published a digital mini-devotional to help those wanting to observe Lent, whether it be for the first time or the fiftieth. The mini-devo seemed to be really well received and I was given a lot of good feedback from those that used the resource. This led me to asking myself how I could build and expand on that and offer a more robust and useful resource to be more effective in working toward the same end as the Lent Devo.

That brings us here.

The season of Advent starts on November 27 and is the first day and season of the new church year.  So I have been working tirelessly to produce the Advent For The Rest of Us Devotional! My sincere hope is that it will be a great resource for those new to the sacred rhythms of the church year and those more seasoned. The Advent-Devo is of course and extension of the #LessonsFromDeadGuys podcast that I curate. 

The devotional will come with weekly themes, daily scripture readings, prayers, a short devotional, and a reflection question for each day through the season of ADVENT (Nov 27 - Dec 25).

If this is a resource you think you, or someone you may know, would be intrested in using during this coming season of Advent then I have created a pre-order page! This Devotional is taking a lot of time and effort to put together and I want to offer it in a physical paperback version as well and that is why I have decided to "charge" for the devotional. But I promise im not making a ton of money! Printing is expensive! 

The devotional is available for pre-order in two formats:

1. Digital Download (PDF)

2. Paperback with blank journal/reflection pages after each devotion.

You can Pre-order the devotional here.