Practicing Resurrection (All Saints Day)



The impossible, unbelievable, and insane idea that death does not have the final say so.

As followers of Christ it is our hope. 

It is not about escape.

It is not some psychosomatic response conjured up in our minds to cope with the reality of death. 

It is not merely wishful thinking or naive optimism. 

It is the thing that is lodged ever so deeply in the marrow of our bones. 

A true and living hope that does not shy from death, pain, adversity, but the hope that travails through it all. 

If you ask me, I think sometimes resurrection takes too damn long but I could no more refuse this hope than I could continue on living with lungs deprived of oxygen.

As Christians we await not the destruction and death of creation and the world we now inhabit but rather it's true birth. We know that death is merely a stepping off point between this age and the age in which all things will be set right. The age in which the whole sum of creation will be swallowed up in the divine glory of the incarnate word of God, our Christ. 

But resurrection is not something we merely wait for with our eyes to the sky.


Resurrection is not just our future hope but the reality in which we live today.

A reality where we see the new creation springing forth from the old. A reality where we see restoration, redemption, and renewal burst to life in the middle of all the hardships, pain, and inexplicable happenings of our lives and the lives of our neighbors now. 

Resurrection is not something we wait around for. 

Resurrection is something that we practice. 

All Saint Day is a good reminder of that.

It serves as a reminder that we are surrounded by a great cloud of witness who have paved the way for the coming age.

A host of saints, sinners, heretics, and mystics who have gone on before us laying the foundations of a new world. 

All Saints Day is about remembering those individuals and the Church triumphant who are now resting from their labor. In remembering them we keep the hope of the gospel alive and we practice resurrection by looking forward to the day when before the lamb of God will stand peoples of every nation, tribe, and tongue. A day when the whole cosmos will taste the power of resurrection and the purpose for all of our labor, toil, and work in this life will be made clear.

So lets remember all of those who have gone on before us and continue the work of practicing resurrection in the here and now of our every day lives.