I love to run my mouth!

Double negatives, southern drawl, and all!


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One of my favorite things to do on this planet is to talk! I love being able to share stories and dialogue in a myriad of different settings. If you would like me to come and run my mouth at your church, event, or conference then just fill out this form and I will get back to you!

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Ryan Cagle is doing the invaluable work of getting the church to read—and not to simply read for reading’s sake, but to engage with those authors whose voices are most needed today.
— Chuck McKnight, Blogger and Author with Quoir Publishing (HippieHeretic.com)
Ryan takes us on a journey through the wild and wonderful landscape of our Christian past, helping us to remain rooted in our faith. His voice is so needed for all those wandering today.
— Dr. Lisa Deam, Author, Blogger, and Board Member of the Ancient-Future Faith network (http://lisadeam.com/)
Ryan offers the Church something beautiful; the voices of our past to help us think. These voices remind us of who we are as the Church and encourage us towards who we are becoming in Christ.
— Rev.Joseph Haward, Author of The Ghost of Perfection and Pastor (https://revdjoe.com/)
Ryan’s work bridges our crisis-ridden present to the paths of a cutting-edge ancient faith.
— Dr. Brad Jersak ,Author and New Testament / Patristics Professor Westminster Theological Centre (https://bradjersak.com)