Personal Projects


Signposts (formerly known as LessonsFromDeadGuys) is a podcast for those wandering through the wilderness of a life of faith and spirituality. The show seeks to lead listeners through the wild paths left by the saints, sinners, heretics, and mystics of the church into a more spacious and beautiful faith influenced by the way of Jesus.

Mysticism + Melancholy

So, a couple of months ago I deleted 75% of all the email subscribers I had built up over the last half a decade for my various projects. I decided to start over because I felt like I was doing more marketing than doing what I love most, sharing my life and heart with others. Mysticism + Melancholy is my attempt to get back to the heart of all my work by having an email list without all the bullshit. It wont be regular or consistent. It wont be marketing driven or riddle with promotions. It will just be me sharing my longings, and my wanderings, my failings, and my musing with the occasional update on what the hell is going on in my life in a very real and vulnerable way. That means the content might not be for you. I get that… nonetheless I would love fo you to tag along.

Work Projects

Flagstaff Mosaic

I serve as Director of Flagstaff Mosaic which is ministry for 20-30 somethings to come together and dream of ways of being the church” through reciprocal participation and experimentation. We gather monthly for Dinner Worship.

Flagstaff Youth Co-op

I serve as Director of the Flagstaff Youth Cooperative. The Flagstaff Youth Co-Op is a new collaborative ministry between The Commons Church and the Episcopal Church of the Epiphany in Flagstaff, Arizona. FYC is a place for all Flagstaff middle school and high school students to come together in an environment created to help them become more whole, belong in community, and participate in the way of love embodied in the life of Jesus.