I AM... Beloved and Broken. Lost and Found. Saint and Sinner. Husband. Father. Shitty Friend. seized by the Great Affection. Trying my best to sit at the foot of the bush that is always burning and learning to see the world with open eyes.

I AM... A doubt filled Believer. Depression haunted but overcoming. Lover of Heavy Metal Music and Taylor swift. Straight Edge until the day I die. Aspiring professional tree Huger. Coffee Shop barista. Lover of Books, Green Apple Jones Soda, Star Wars. And Irrationally terrified of the future perspective of human extinction by A.I. 

I AM... Skeptical but forever hoping. Stumbling through the wilderness all the while being born again, again (and again, and again, and again.) but still convinced that resurrection takes too damn long. 

I AM.. Ryan Cagle, and I don't have my shit together. 


I AM... an eclectic Christian who falls somewhere into being a post-evangelical, semi-liturgical, neo-sacramental, anbapticostal. Or better yet, I AM just a guy attempt to follow Jesus well.

I AM the curator of  Exile Liturgy, host of the #LessonsFromDeadGuys podcast and I also currently serve as Director of Youth at Epworth UMC in Huntsville Alabama. 

I hail from the backwoods of Alabama, and am married to the most wonderful human being I have ever known. Together we have two wild little boys named Judah and Silas.

I spent many years serving on the pastoral staff at an Assembly of God church plant. Of which, I  spent the majority of my time thinking I had all the answers. Well, at least until the day I realized I did not...  Since then I have been on the slow journey down the ancient paths left by the saints, sinners, heretics, and mystics that make up this wild thing we call The Church. I now know enough to know that I do not not know that much.


...Bear with me, my brothers and sisters. Let me see the pure light; when I am there, I shall be truly a human being at last."

- St. Ignatius of Antioch