For those wandering



Thanks be to God, through whom our consolation overflows in this pilgrimage, in this exile, in this distress.
— Bernard of Clairvaux

Exile Liturgy was the inevitable evolution of the #LessonsFromDeadGuys podcast. There were so many ideas that I had that I knew could not function under the heading of LFDG and so Exile Liturgy was born. The days are still early and this work is just learning to crawl, but my hope is that it will come to be a valuable resource for those wandering whether aimlessly through the wilderness or on some old forgotten path left by a saint, sinner, heretic, or mystic. 


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An adventure down the wild paths left by the Saints, Sinners, Heretics, and Mystics of this thing we call the Church. 

WILD PATHS is our up and coming community of exiles and pilgrims built on the Slack Platform! 

In the store you will find Hand made Rosaries, prayer resources, ebooks, eCourses, and even print items to accompany you in your wandering!

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