For Those Wandering

Exile Liturgy

Thanks be to God, through whom our consolation overflows in this pilgrimage, in this exile, in this distress.

— Bernard of Clairvaux

Exile Liturgy is the continuing evolution of my work. It all started with a podcast idea (what would eventually become #LessonsFromDeadGuys) and has since spiraled into more than I ever imagined it could be. I am dedicated to creating resources for those who are Wandering. Resources for those who have been exiled by the Church, their families, and the institutions they have left behind. Those that are seeking God on the margins, and following the Spirit into the wilderness in search for a God bigger than the boxes they were handed. The Project takes on many forms. It comes to fruition in my podcast #LessonsFromDeadGuys, a bi-monthly email called Signposts, and a myriad of resources from spiritual guides, courses, and guided meditation.

For those Wandering. For the Religious Exiles. For the Spiritual Vagabonds.


Stay in the lop on what is happening with this project plus I will drop an email in your inbox a couple times a month that will be a Signpost for you on your journey through the wilderness. So what do you say, you in?

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