Lessons From Dead Guys: SE2


Hey guys and gals! I just launched a patreon account (And a paypal account) to kickstart season two of the #LessonsFromDeadGuys podcast! I would be so eternally grateful for any and all help! Whether that be you contributing financially toward the goal of $200 to purchase new equipment or simply leaving a review on iTunes! All the money raised through patreon will go toward purchasing a new mic set up so I can remedy the inconsistent and irregular posting of episodes. To this point I have used someone else's set up and  though I am immensely grateful it has simply not worked out the best for making sure I am able to produce consistent and high quality content. The new setup will also afford me the ability to start having guests on the show for special segments and interviews. And I am very anxious to do just that because I have had several brilliant authors that I admire greatly agree to come on the show! I can not, and would not, dare promise you that you will get some grand blessing in return for your contribution but I can promise you that you will receive my sincer gratitude as well as the satisfaction of knowing you have helped me continue to do something my heart burns for! 


I'm not going to sit here and try and convince you, but if you believe in this project or have been blessed in anyway I hope that you will help in whatever way Holy Spirit directs you.

Grace and peace,




Season two episodes will include lessons from;

- St. Maximus the confessor

- Terese of Avila

- Teilhard de Chardin

- Rene Girard

- St. Athenasius

- Augustine of hippo 

- St. Isaac the Syrian

- AND interviews with Pastor Brian Zahnd,  and authors Lisa Deam and Brad Jersak!

Become a monthly supporter

Become a monthly supporter



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