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Brick and Mortar Gods

I labored by the sweat of my brow for thorns and thistles; the ground producing what you commanded and you still would not accept it!? So what was I supposed to do? Lord.... The fruit of my labor was not good enough... It was blood that you wanted and blood I gave to you.

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I tried.

Really, I did.

In the past few years it has become increasingly hard to not severe myself from evangelicalism altogether. I spent years swallowing questions and telling myself I just did not believe hard enough. I even told myself that my heart was just deceiving me. After all it was you that taught me my heart was deceitful above all else, was it not? 

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Pax Christus: A word to Christians on Memorial Day.

Jesus came offering a new way to see and live in the world. A way that stood in direct opposition to Rome and its gospel of Pax Romana. A way that the apostles and church Fathers were so convinced had the power to reshape all of creation that they were willing to die for it. But not by going out with a fight. No! The gospel of Jesus led them to abandoning the sword and the false idea that war was a viable means of progress.

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