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I Surrender All (Learning to Breathe Again)

It is so hard to believe that it has been a year since I got a call asking if I would accept a ministry position at a wonderful United Methodist faith community in Huntsville Alabama. A year since I quit a job that was literally killing me, packed my things, and loaded my family up to move to a new place, to start a new job, and to start a new chapter of our life doing the one thing that had almost left us completely broken just a few years prior.

I never thought I would be back in ministry. Hell, if I am being honest I was not even sure I would ever be committed to a local church again.

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Practicing Resurrection (All Saints Day)

As Christians we await not the destruction and death of creation and the world we now inhabit but rather it's true birth. We know that death is merely a stepping off point between this age and the age in which all things will be set right. The age in which the whole sum of creation will be swallowed up in the divine glory of the incarnate word of God, our Christ. 

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There's a wolf in my heart!

For the last year I have been working on an epistolary style fiction story on and off as inspiration comes and goes. Below is a short excerpt from the main protagonist Alexander Hall (also the narrator). To give some context he has been shipwrecked on an unknown island(?) after setting sail for a world he has only seen in his dreams. Since losing the ship and washing up on this island he has been stalked by a pack of wolves for days. This entry in his journal comes right after he has a direct run in with the pack leader.

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I tried.

Really, I did.

In the past few years it has become increasingly hard to not severe myself from evangelicalism altogether. I spent years swallowing questions and telling myself I just did not believe hard enough. I even told myself that my heart was just deceiving me. After all it was you that taught me my heart was deceitful above all else, was it not? 

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Pax Christus: A word to Christians on Memorial Day.

Jesus came offering a new way to see and live in the world. A way that stood in direct opposition to Rome and its gospel of Pax Romana. A way that the apostles and church Fathers were so convinced had the power to reshape all of creation that they were willing to die for it. But not by going out with a fight. No! The gospel of Jesus led them to abandoning the sword and the false idea that war was a viable means of progress.

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Echo: Prayer Manager (Sort of a review)

 “Echo’s number one goal is to help people pray. Whether it be to simply keep track of prayer requests, give space to engage with God, or simply help remind people to pray… Echo is a tool to help Christ-followers engage with God.”


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Chaos Waters

Last July I found myself on our first family vacation in five years. I could not sleep, but that was nothing new. I desperately needed to be staring at the back of my eye-lids but I could not seem to shake something that crossed my mind while at the beach the day before. The ocean is wonderful, mysterious, gorgeous, and some what terrifying. It is not tame or predictable. It can not be contained or strong armed. It does as it sees fit. It is chaos. But it is nothing less than breath-takingly chaotic. The waves dance across the horizon much farther than our eyes can even see and there is this pull about them. It is almost a beckoning into the unknown. Deep calling out to deep. A boundless, infinite, surging, violent, song that reverberates through our bones. Those waves gripped at my feet and I could not help but think of grace. I have started to learn to see it in places and things where I never thought I would find it, little pieces of prickess treasures hidden in the most seemingly insignificant of fields.

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Sometimes Resurrection Takes Too Damn Long.

 It is the beginning of Autumn here in northern Alabama but summer is not going down without a fight. It happens almost every year as we bounce back and forth from cool breezy weather to hot summer-like days. The trees outside my office window are still littered with beautiful emerald leaves in protest of the coming cold of winter. Maybe they are fighting the inevitable or maybe they do not know what the weeks ahead really holds for them.

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