Beginnings (A Midrash for Darwin Day)



I started working on a project a few years ago that I have yet to finish (go figure) becaus life and all. The project is a seven song spoken word album that is a midrash trough the narrative of the book of Genesis called "Beginnings." This particular midrash, which is also the title track, covers the first few chapters of the book of Genesis and is my ode to how science has helped me develop a muchmore  robust faith and a deeper appreciation for the work of Creation.




In the beginning.

There was nothing. Just silence. Silence patiently waiting for something. Something to come from nothing. BANG! A blank canvas painted by the breath of the prexistant! Blinding light and nuclear fission! Stars, black holes, quasars, and galaxies. Explosions like chain reactions igniting space and time, firing off like synapses.


It was good yet not quite perfect. Spinning onward from this beginning unto completion.

Beautiful blues and greens radiating from a rock spinning on its axis around the star where it gets  warmth as it passes. Oceans, skies, and earth swarmed with microbes unto masses. Hundreds, thousands, millions of years in the making. Finally 13 billion years of groaning. The creator finds something amoung the beast to satisfy his longing.


Upright walking.

Hunting and gathering. Awakening!

"Alive! Like I have been dead the whole time! "

Fully aware of his creator. The trinity the very breath in his lungs. From dust to life. Resurrection.




"Love called my name! I am man! Forged from the ashes of star dust and sand!"


Home minded

Home in the end

This home of mine

Where is this home I see in my mind



Beyond the gates!

Transcendent of time!

I see a city with shimmering streets and vibrant lights

I see it's King,

The begotten of all time.

To think I was mere dust beneath the feet of the one who calls galaxies into existence.

If that was not enough now I see love clothing himself in my existence.

I see it! I see it!

I can taste it on my lips but my bones are still reaching for it.

"There are greater things ahead than any we left behind"

That's what you said when you clothed us in our nakedness and and wiped fear from our eyes.

And my God Eden was great but we layed her to waste and

It's so hard to believe but I believe it!

That there is a better home on the horizon!

A home where mercy floods like the sunrise and justice is the visions in all humanities eyes.

A city built on peace and harmony.

This will be the prophets dream!

This will be the hope in the veins of the martyrs!

This will be the heartbeat of humanity!

This is the promise!

That one would come and crush beneath his heel the head of the serpent and bring an end to the darkness!