There's a wolf in my heart!


For the last year I have been working on an epistolary style fiction story on and off as inspiration comes and goes. Below is a short excerpt from the main protagonist Alexander Hall (also the narrator). To give some context he has been shipwrecked on an unknown island(?) after setting sail for a world he has only seen in his dreams. Since losing the ship and washing up on this island he has been stalked by a pack of wolves for days. This entry in his journal comes right after he has a direct run in with the pack leader. I would love your thoughts!?!

- R


Father I wish you were here to taste the bitter fruit of all your labor.


At least that's what I called you before but I realize now that it is I that should have been afraid of what waited beyond the shore. I cannot escape those howls sung by the same roaring waves that entranced you with a sirens song for all of those years. You knew them at a distance, but I know them all too intimatly.

How did we Miss it?

Those swells foaming at the mouth like hungry beasts waiting in the dark to devour someone naive enough to be lured away. Father, that sirens song has never been anything more than a ballad of wolves in wait. I always thought you were just too afraid, so I set sail to prove that I was more of a man than you. How wrong I was because I found nothing out here but pain. Maybe it is all just irony but what I thought would be salvation has stolen everything from me. I am so afraid. My childhood nightmares have become reality because I swear that this wolf was the King. Remember the one you would read to me about from those pages? The wretched Wolf-King who would sneak into the dens of rabbits just to feast on there young? At least until brave Elion, but there is no brave hare on this island that can save. So I took that monsters throat in my hands and choked the rot from his veins! But the howls have not stopped! They reverberate through my rib cage! Father there is a wolf that wants me for prey.... Father there's a wolf in my heart....