Echo: Prayer Manager (Sort of a review)


So, if you know me well I am a bit of a  tech addict. That being said, I really have a more love/hate relationship with technology than anything. I suppose this is because I seriously can let it consume me. Smart phones are devices that should be used primarily for connecting with people, capturing moments, and aiding in various areas of life. Strangely my iPhone has this awful tendency to do the opposite. I find myself reclusive from the people closest in proximity to me, It has this insane ability to capture my attention instead of being used to capture moments, and I think we can all agree that Angry Birds does not really do much to aid my life. 


I recently decided I was going to become more intentional about using my phone as the tool is was meant to be. So I downloaded productivity apps, email clients, new To-Do list apps etc. And then went looking for apps that could benefit in spiritual formation. I was skeptical that I would find any apps that would help me in my devotion to Jesus and his Kingdom. I mean the apostle did just fine without smart phones, but if there was a resource that could benefit me I wanted to try it out. Long story short my search led me to the app Echo and I am in love! 

 “Echo’s number one goal is to help people pray. Whether it be to simply keep track of prayer requests, give space to engage with God, or simply help remind people to pray… Echo is a tool to help Christ-followers engage with God.”



Personally I think the team behind this little gem of an app have hit the mark! As someone who works crazy hours at my job, husband, and Father of two children it becomes increasingly hard to find time and space to really dedicate to prayer on a daily basis. Unfortunately it is so easy for a whole day to go by and not even realize that you have not prayed at all! Well, Echo has helped remedy that for me! 


-Clean: The app is minimalistic and easy on the eyes.  Which makes it super user friendly, even for the not so technologically inclined.

 -Scheduling: This function is spot on! Example, if someone tells me about a job interview they have coming up, a doctors appointment or whatever else I can schedule a reminder to say a prayer during the time of that future event. 

-Descriptions: There is an option to add a description to each prayer on your list. This gives you the chance to be more specific about a request,  group multiple prayers together, or my absolute favorite thing, to write out prayers to pray throughout the day! Example, I get a notification three times a day to pray the Jesus Creed. I just click the the notification  and it pulls up the prayer on my phone for me to recite. This also helps tremendously with memorizing prayers from the Book of Common prayer or elsewhere! 

 -Intentional: The app has helped me be more intentional with my prayer life than ever. It helps me remember that it's not about setting aside any long period of time to pray each day but rather acknowledging God in every moment of my day. It has helped me in many ways to see the divine in the dirt, and the miracle in the mundane. 

 -Free: Echo is absolutely free! So you really have nothing to lose in trying it out! 


 -Group Sharing: I would love to be able to connect with other people in a group type feature. A way to send prayer requests between two people seems like it would be awesome! I would love to have a synced list between two accounts. 

-Web App: It's not like my phone is not always in my pocket but web app smacking between my computer and phone would be superb!

Both of these things seem to be possibilities according to the team's development road map!

Overall this little app has been such a treasure to me! I hope maybe you will find some use out of it too!  


You can find Echo on iOS:

and Android: