I Don't Know Sh*t


This weekend I turned the ripe old age of twenty-five. This reality is so strange to me. On one hand I feel like twenty-five years has gone by in a blink of an eye,  yet on the other it feels like I have lived a hundred lives.

If I am being honest, getting older gives me anxiety. And after a quarter of a century I can confidently say I don't know shit. I am still young and dumb as they come. I have more questions than answers. And even more doubts than certainties. 

 BUT what I do know is that we get one life.

One shot.

One shot to experience all this pale blue dot has to offer. 

One shot at raising kids that know they are loved more than the blue-hued screens that so often occupy us.

One shot to leave nothing unsaid.

One shot to listen.

One shot to be human and all the beautiful mess that comes with it.

One shot to love deeply. 

One shot to laugh, cry, and partake of the best of what we have to offer each other.

One shot to make the most of it. 

One shot to simply be HERE.

Growing up is an awfully big adventure. One that sometimes feels more like sprinting toward the edge of a cliff than anything else. And in our culture that seems hell bent on living to die, I keep finding myself frantically searching for a pause button. Aching for a different rhythm than the one handed to me. I might not know shit but I know the most important thing in life is to be right HERE.

Fully present.



This life passes so fast you can miss it. If I know anything it is that I don't want to wake up one day and regret all the time that I let slip through my finger tips. I don't want any what if's or should have's. When it is time, I want to be able to say that regardless of what I learned, who I was, the status I achieved, the money I made, the stuff I bought, that I was truly 100% HERE

I want to be able to die well. 

To enter eternity knowing I have had a lifetime of eternal moments. 

Yesterday is in the grave.

Tomorrow can wait.  

All we have is today.  

So be HERE today, while today is still called today.  



Grace and peace,