R Y A N  C A G L E




Ryan is an eclectic Christian who is not very fond of labels. Although if you are into labels then Ryan falls somewhere into being a post-evangelical, semi-liturgical, neo-sacramental, anbapticostal, a/theist christian hobo with a slant toward eucharistic anarchism... or -more simply and accurately put- just a haphazard follower of Jesus! He hails from the backwoods of Alabama, and is married to the most wonderful human being he has ever met. Together they have two wild little boys named Judah and Silas, along with their one-hundred pound lap dog named Pugsley (who is afraid of his own shadow). They are currently in the initial stages of launching an ethically sourced lifestyle brand with a concentrated focus on sustainability and activism. In their free time, they are enjoying building a new house for their growing family.

Ryan served on the pastoral staff at a local Assembly of God church plant for right at half a decade. He spent a long time thinking he had all the answers, until the day his tiny little evangelical biblical literalist bubble imploded in his face, and left him with more questions than answers. Since then he has been on the slow journey down the ancient paths left by the saints, sinners, heretics, and mystics that make up this wild thing we call The Church. His faith is intact, and he has learned enough to know that He does not know that much. After a several year "ministry" hiatus Ryan very recently uprooted his family and moved to Huntsville Alabama to become the Youth Director at a wonderful faith community called Epworth UMC.

I am in the throes of being born again. Bear with me, my brothers and sisters. Let me see the pure light; when I am there, I shall be truly a human being at last.
— St. Ignatius of Antioch

Random Things Ryan loves

Dance parties




Heavey Metal Music

Cheap Coffee

LETTING his wife beat him at scrabble ; )

Comic Books




Working with his hands

Playing SNES

Buying copious amounts of books

The Happs


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