Spiritual Vagabond / Haphazard Artist / Aspiring Storyteller

Here is what I am currently up to right now!

Things I am Working On

An Apprenticeship with the Phoenix Center for Spiritual Direction.

Learning to believe in myself as a competent game designer.

Things I am Enjoying

Playing Zelda Breath of the Wild.

Developing a Table-Top RPG system for my eight year old son and his friends! You can check out the beta HERE!

Books I am currently Reading

Process and Reality by Alfred North Whitehead.
The Practice of Spiritual Direction by William A. Barry and William J. Connolly

PS. You can follow along with my 2020 reading challenge over on Goodreads!

All That Biographical Junk

So… “about me” sections are super weird. I hate writing them because as soon as I do I feel like I have said entirely too much and yet not nearly enough. That said, I am going to try my best at all that biographical junk… so here we go!

I am Ryan Cagle, and if you visit Twitter you will read that I am…

Trailer Trash | Liberationist | Christ-Haunted or some shit | Pentecostal AF | Clumsy Contemplative | Spiritual Director | Teilhardian | Game Designer | He/Him

But, that is obviously not the whole story. So I will try to explain…

I am a self-described trailer trash wannabe theologian currently living in Flagstaff, Arizona, where I work on curating experimental faith gatherings for 20-30 somethings for the Episcopal Church of the Epiphany, along with being the Director of a multi-church collaborative youth ministry called The Flagstaff Youth Cooperative.

My love for the evolutionary vision of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin is only rivaled by my passion for creating resources and opportunities or those trying to navigate the wilderness that is a life of faith/spirituality.

But, I guess most of that is really about what I do and not so much who I am…

So depending on the day…

I am Beloved and Broken. Lost and Found. Saint and Sinner. Husband to a fiery no-bullshit kind of woman. Father of two wild children. Friend (shitty). Skeptical yet forever hoping. Depression haunted but overcoming. Lover of Liberation Theology, Heavy Metal Music, Books, Ale8, and Star Wars.

I am an Aspiring Storyteller and I do that through Game Design!

I currently have two major games in various levels of Production! Monster Tower and Eldritch Holler! These will be games that I launch via kickstarter in 2021. Alongside these two games I have a goal of creating and releasing one free micro/one-page RPG every month of 2021! If that is something you may be interested in then be sure and go subscribe to to the monthly Ostium Games Newsletter!

Monster Tower
Monster Tower is a narrative based rules-light One-Page TTRPG designed to introduce kids, and parents alike, to Role Playing Games! Monster Tower is designed to be played by at least two people. The Game-Master (GM) and then at least one other player to play an in-game character. For maximum fun we recommend no more than five players.

Eldritch Holler
Eldritch Holler is spine chilling social deduction game based on the likes of none other than the ever so popular Mafia and Werewolf games. Eldritch Holler is launching on Kickstarter on Halloween Night! In it, you play the role of one of the members of a small Appalachian Town.