I'm Ryan Cagle and I do a whole lot of different shit...

Such as... designing weird and strange table top role-playing games at Paradox Press/Games, hosting a podcast about the intersections of table top role-playing games and Spirituality at Roll For Spirituality, offering Spiritual Direction with a particular emphasis on ex/post-evangelicals, former fundamentalist christians, and LGBTQ+ folks, while also helping organize a faith community rooted in anti-capitalist, anti-racist, and LGBTQ+ affirming work in the backwoods of Alabama called Jubilee House Community. Oh! And I almost forgot that sometimes I make very niche and weird art that I turn into stickers!

My mama would say that I got way too many irons in the fire...

Whether or not that is true is up for debate, but regardless there is definitely to much to list here on this homepage so feel free to explore the links below and find out more about me and all the shit I do!

All that Biographical Junk

I am still trying my best to figure out just who I am so be sure to check back later...


Paradøx Press / Games

Designer / Publisher | paradoxpress.games
Paradox Press / Games is an indie game design studio and boutique publisher focusing on weird and strange minimalist tabletop role playing games.

Roll For Spirituality

Host / Producer | rollforspirituality.com
Roll for Spirituality is a podcast about the intersections of Table Top Role-Playing Games and Spirituality. On this show I have conversations with game masters, players, and designers about how games can be used for personal formation and spiritual discovery.

Broadcast 2Ø71

Writer / Producer | broadcast2071.com
Broadcast 2Ø71 is a forthcoming audio-drama about a man hurled fifty years into the future who uses old radio equipment to search for survivors as he tries to figure out what exactly went wrong.


For Those Wandering (Spiritual Direction)

Spiritual Director | Spiritual Direction
I am a trained spiritual director who offers Spiritual Direction for the Godfull, Godless, and All those Wandering Somewhere in Between.
I have a passion for helping others navigate the wilderness that is a life of faith/spirituality with special interest in accompanying ex/post-evangelicals, former fundamentalists christians, and LGBTQ+ folks.

Jubilee House Community

Planter / Organizer | jubileehouse.co
Jubilee House is a dream about what it means to collectively struggle for a different world. A world free of the evils of racism, oppression, and alienation. Jubilee House is a dream of a radically different future for Walker County, a future shaped by jubilee (Leviticus 25, Isaiah 61:1-12, Luke 4:18-19) in which the material and spiritual needs of the most vulnerable and marginalized are met through acts of mutual solidarity.

Freelance Shit

Clown for Hire | Just give me a Holler!
If you haven't caught on by now I do a lot of shit! A lot of which you can pay me to do if you so choose. Need graphic design work like a logo or sticker? What about video editing? or website design and maintenance? Need a TTRPG designed? Maybe your church sucks at social media and you need help? You name it and I probably can do it. Well... unless you need someone to paint your house then count me out.

Check out my full (and very out of date) Resume

Projects (Former)

Signposts Podcast (#LessonsFromDeadGuys)

Host / Producer
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Pentecostals for Liberation

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Mysticism + Melancholy

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Give me a holler!

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